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The webinar is an opportunity for people to meet who want to experience a new way of listening and listening to each other. The method adopted is Focusing. Two ways to follow the webinars: On-demand via recorded video and correlated by handouts, this allows you to follow at any time, remotely. Or via online webinars, live zoom, you can see the calendar at the bottom of the page. All people who want to experience this method will be called “aspiring Focusers”, those who already know it are called Focusers.
“Focusers” and “aspiring Focusers”, together, to talk about many themes following the attitude of focusing: slowness, verbalization and symbolism.
In this way, repetitive themes acquire a new point of view and a new opportunity to experiment.
It is like breaking through something that is already known.

Focusing, a method that will change your life

Focusing is a method discovered by the philosopher E. Gendlin that allows you to live life by authentic listening.It is an holistic self listening, reserved and suitable for everyone. By practicing Focusing you acquire a new attitude thanks to which you can proceed with firmness and clarity of purpose.It is used as an anti-stress technique, for effective communication, for marketing, for creativity and in any case to get to know each other better.Essential for all those who approach the holistic world!It is like breaking through something that is already known

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Sign up for innovative webinars you won’t find anywhere else.Take part in the first scheduled webinar, we offer it to you at a discounted price of 10 € (discount code promo10). The cost of each webinar after the first is € 36.60. Or subscribe to 16 webinars at a great discount: €366 instead of €585.60.
Buy quickly with Paypal directly from this site or email postaindustriadellesperienza@gmail.com to pay by bank transfer. After you sign up, at the online webinars on zoom you will receive all the directions and a link to connect to. Or, if you have chosen an unscheduled webinar, you will receive videos and handouts to follow on-demand, whenever and wherever you want. In both cases, the webinars will not only provide you with creative ideas, but also issue certificates that can be used for your professional training. For each webinar you will get a certificate with 4 credits E.C.P.

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What Focusers say

I met a wonderful person, Patrizia, a woman of great depth who shares “so much stuff” in her webinars, as I say… I love listening to her!


Attending these webinars has helped me managing my freelance work better and more effectively.


I found the webinars extremely useful, they are well structured and full of important information. They also include spaces dedicated to listening to participants and their questions, to which Patrizia provides exhaustive and clarifying answers.


Considering the period of social distancing we are experiencing, being able to follow the webinars online was a great added value.


Each webinar is always a surprise and full of emotions, listening to them is a precious moment. Thanks Patrizia!


Very familiarizing webinars, a nice empathic group.


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Patrizia Bonaca is a Focusing trainer and coordinator, enrolled in the Focusing Institute of New York. Certified supervisor counselor and econolistic® coach, registered in the register professional coaches held by SIAF Italy. She has been working for years to disseminate an innovative and experiential education that focuses on the person with his desires and talents. Her teachings and sessions are delivered in presence and online.Author of numerous publications including the first book in Italian Focusing: “Focusing and bridge theory” edition Primiceri (2013).